Ontonix Runs the Largest Complexity Group in Linkedin



One of the oldest groups dedicated to complexity, our Linkedin group is also the largest, with over 1600 members. But what distinguishes our group is that it is dedicated to a quantitative approach to complexity. In our group we discuss the properties of complexity as well as its applications not by talking about but by measuring it. Science, not opinions.

It is truly amazing to witness how individuals often start conversations on complexity by saying “for me complexity is….”.  It is equally amazing how people dream up the properties of complexity by resorting to sensations or intuition and without even attempting a measure thereof. I even recall a university professor angrily saying to me that “complexity cannot be measured!”. Sure, if you attribute a convoluted, magical and mystical significance to complexity, you may have trouble measuring it. That’s your problem. A good definition is generally one which suggests a metric.

Complexity is an attribute of every system – natural or man-made – and its importance is similar to the concepts of energy or entropy. It measures capacity, vitality, potential, degree of development or evolution as well as structured information. It has sound scientific foundations. In fact, serious science starts when you begin to measure.

In over a decade of research and work with the industry we have measured complexity and analyzed its properties for the following:

  • corporations
  • banks
  • stock portfolios
  • nations, macro-regions
  • World
  • IT systems
  • projects, project porfolios
  • networks
  • SW and electronic systems
  • spacecraft components
  • automobiles
  • air traffic
  • images
  • human body
  • music

Many of the above applications run in real-time.

Our approach to complexity is so sound that Ontonix is principal co-author of the World’s first complexity-specific standard, the UNI 11613 standard on Business Complexity Assessment. Complexiy, in fact, is a new systemic KPI of a modern business.


You are cordially invited to join!






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