Artificial Intuition is beyond mainstream AI, beyond Machine Learning.

We don’t need to learn from examples to recognize anomalies.

More than that, we recognize them BEFORE they materialize.

We can also anticipate anomalies that have never been seen before.

It is like uncovering the unknown unknowns.


In real time.

No data transmission.


Based on experiments involving Molecular Dynamics simulations of protein folding, Ontonix has demonstrated the possibility of using the QCM to actually measure the complexity of molecules. We have recently formulated a hypothesis, whereby the toxicity of a molecule can be linked to its complexity.

The complexity of a molecule is not inferred from the number of atoms and/or from its chemical/physical properties. Complexity is quantified based on the Structure-Entropy interplay within a molecule that results from the dynamics and interactions between all of its atoms.


OntoMed develops iCOMS – a Complexity-based Monitoring System for ICUs – a system which measures the real-time complexity of patients and delivers early warnings of instabilities or crises.

The iCOMS system is available on Android smartphones and tablets. The system can display the instantaneous complexity of a patient as well as real-time ranking of the vital signs, indicating those that are causing instability at a given time.

The iCOMS App is easy to use. Once you login, select a patient and commence the tracking of complexity and its key drivers.

What differentiates this application from other commercial solutions is that we don’t process channels on a one-by-one basis, checking if particular thresholds are crossed. We consider all the possible interactions between channels, delivering a single systemic indicator of the patient’s state and dynamics.


Lithium rechargeable batteries have been heralded for their high-density energy storage.

However, lithium batteries are highly flammable.

Pushed outside their operating range or tipped into thermal runaway, they can ignite.

With no early warning.

ONTONIX offers a solution – the Anomaly and Thermal Runaway Early-warning System – based on next generation AI Technology – the QCM