Which 21-st Century Technology is the Most Dangerous?


Which technology is the most dangerous? Which technology is most feared? Is it Artificial Intelligence? Is it nanotechnology? Genetic manipulation? Nuclear energy? Maybe superconductivity? Or robotics? No, it is none of these. The most dangerous technology of the 21-st century is indubitably QCM – Quantitative Complexity Management.

The QCM has been established in the early 2000s. Ever since it has found applications in medicine, finance, defense, economics, management, or manufacturing. It is certainly a technology of the Third Millennium. But let us see why is it so dangerous and so feared.

The QCM measures, for the first time, the most prominent and key attribute of our times – complexity. Complexity is growing rapidly and if this growth is not countered we will soon be living on a chaotic planet running on autopilot, without anyone knowing how this autopilot works or how to fix it. Complexity management – especially its reduction in key areas – can constitute a formidable cure for a vast range of problems. But without a measure of complexity its reduction is impossible. Talking about things will not solve problems. Wishful thinking, or hope, are not good strategies. One must first measure, translate problems into numbers, then act.

Many organizations and individuals thrive on high complexity and do not want it to be reduced. Those individuals prefer chaotic and ‘obese’ organizations because this allows them to:

  • hide incompetence
  • hide mediocrity
  • hide fraud
  • hide inefficiencies
  • avoid responsibility
  • prevent innovation
  • kill good ideas
  • keep outstanding individuals from excelling

It is amazing that a single technology can accomplish all of the above!

Finally, the QCM can help make tangible many intangibles. Translating things into numbers can complicate things a lot. Putting a number on the table one immediately exposes oneself to criticism, responsability and unsentimental realism. This is why people often prefer to talk about things instead of measuring them.

QCM is science, not opinions.





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