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Building a “Complexity Management Device”


ArduinoMega2560_R3_FronteArduino is an open-source electronics platform based on easy-to-use hardware and software. It’s intended for anyone making interactive projects, see TED video. Arduino boards (see list here) come in numerous types and may be connected to a wide variety of inputs (sensors, devices) and outputs (actuators, devices, computers). For example, the Arduino Fio boardis intended for WiFi applications – see scheme below – which means that it can connect to the Ontonix Web Services (OWS).

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At Ontonix we would like to explore the possibility of constructing Arduino-based QCM (Quantitative Complexity Management) devices, in order to develop prototype real-time hardware solutions for complexity management. The range of applications is very wide. In fact, Arduino boards can be connected to any kind of sensors or combination thereof:

  • temperature
  • acceleration
  • pressure
  • strain gauges
  • medical devices/sensors (heart rate, arterial pressure, O2/CO2, etc.)
  • luminosity
  • acoustic sensors
  • chemical sensors
  • electrical
  • environment
  • flow, velocity
  • proximity
  • optical
  • cameras, webcams
  • etc.

Once sensor data is sampled and arranged into an array, it can be processed by OntoNet™, our QCM engine running on a PC or accessible via the OWS (Ontonix Web Service). The result can be transmitted back to the Arduino board which, in turn, may drive a set of actuators. The applications can be, for example, the following:

  • complexity monitoring (networks, processes, assembly lines, etc.)
  • low resilience early-warnings
  • identification of criticalities (plants, networks, etc.)
  • portable monitoring of patients in emergency situations.
  • etc.

The possibilities are endless.

If you have an original idea on how QCM technology and Arduino boards can be blended to produce a new device or capability, let us know at



Established originally in 2005 in the USA, Ontonix is a technology company headquartered in Como, Italy. The unusual technology and solutions developed by Ontonix focus on countering what most threatens safety, advanced products, critical infrastructures, or IT network security - the rapid growth of complexity. In 2007 the company received recognition by being selected as Gartner's Cool Vendor. What makes Ontonix different from all those companies and research centers who claim to manage complexity is that we have a complexity metric. This means that we MEASURE complexity. We detect anomalies in complex defense systems without using Machine Learning for one very good reason: our clients don’t have the luxury of multiple examples of failures necessary to teach software to recognize them. We identify anomalies without having seen them before. Sometimes, you must get it right the first and only time!

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