Italy – Pride and Prejudice



In the current economic situation, of falling stock markets, plummeting oil prices and sustained turbulence, the global investor must know which regions/countries offer better long-term sustainable investment opportunities. In addition to having one of highest resilience ratings in the Euro Area (Italy – 73.1%, versus 70.5% of Germany for example), Italy is the 3rd largest economy of the Eurozone and the 8th largest in the world, with a GDP of more than 2.1 trillion dollars, bigger than India or Russia. The domestic market offers many opportunities, with a population of more than 60 million and a per capita GDP of 36,000 dollars. The net wealth of Italian households is 8 times their disposable income (a higher ratio than US, Germany and Canada) and their indebtedness remains relatively low (82% of disposable income). Here are some interesting facts:

Italy’s public debt increase in the period 2008-2014 is among the lowest and well below that of the United Kingdom, European Union, the USA, France, or the Euro Area.
ScreenHunter_883 Feb. 09 19.02


Italy boasts the second largest primary surplus in the EU. It has been among the most stable over the past twenty years:


ScreenHunter_882 Feb. 09 19.02


When it comes to the impact of public intervention into national banking systems Italy is right at the bottom of the scale: while Germany has spent nearly 240 billion Euros to prop up its banks, in Italy it has been just over 1 billion!


ScreenHunter_884 Feb. 09 19.03


Italy is the World’s fifth producer of manufactured products, second in Europe:



Surprised? See short video.


Source all graphs: Italian Ministry of Finance and Economics.





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