Counterfeit Electronics Detection – An Ontonix Success Story


From a Hill’s article:

“… counterfeit electronics that threaten the reliability of military hardware and our critical infrastructure for telecommunications, energy and transportation. A study by the Senate Armed Services Committee found more than 1,800 cases of suspected counterfeits in advanced missile systems, helicopters, submarines and more. Because our company provides counterfeit detection services and parts to Department of Defense agencies, we participated in the study.

Why are counterfeits a problem? Today’s defense technologies require sensitive electronic components assembled in ultra-clean room environments; a foreign object smaller than a flake of dandruff can compromise reliability within a single device.”

There are numerous methods of counterfeit electronics detection. SAIC, in collaboration with Ontonix, has utilized our QCM (Quantitative Complexity Management) technology and has obtained outstanding results. The following slides are from a publicly available presentation made by SAIC:






Counterfeit components, depending on the excitation method used, can be detected because their complexity is different from that of genuine components. This can be difficult with more conventional methods.

Write to to obtain the full presentation.

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